Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Quilts

Finally all pictures of my quilts are taken and here are the rest of them :

Mariner's Compass 1999
Split Mariner's Compass 2000 (designed with EQ3)

 This design actually "happened" when I was modifying a regular block design and EQ3 found the design too complex and went into strike. The result looked so interesting that I decided to  sew it.

Home! 2000 (designed using EQ4)
Mondlilie 2000 
This was a result of taking Susan Brittingham's class Miniature Landscape Quilts at Quilt University plus a border designed with EQ4.
Herbst 2001
Dragonflies and Lizards or The Fight against bad Weather 2001
My design after taking another class with S. Brittingham "Machine Embellished Surface" at QU

Lizard 1

Lizard 2
Luise's Roses 2001
A gift for my next door neighbour's 70 birthday.

The Power of Yearning 2002
My interpretation of the class project in "Triple Treat Tulips" with Susan Brittingham.
For the sky in the background I used a hand dyed fabric that fitted in perfectly.

Lava 2002

Der Weg 2002
 This is my piece of an International Round Robin.
Center block Brigitte (Germany), 1st border Mickie (USA), 2nd border Tutu (South Africa), 3rd border Mim (USA), 4th border Moira (UK)
After assembling and quilting it I added some lines of  Herbert Groenemeyer's song "Der Weg" from his CD " Mensch" which mean very much to me.
"Ich geh hier nicht weg, hab meine Frist verlängert
neue Zeitreise, offene Welt.
Ich hab Dich sicher in meiner Seele
Ich trag Dich bei mir
bis der Vorhang fällt"
Detail center block
Weit, weit weg ... 2003
Taking Marilyn Belford's class "Realistic Fabric Portraits" at QU this was made after a picture of my late husband.

What would Frida say? 2004
This painting of Frida Kahlo was my choice in "Artists Revisited" with Marilyn Belford at QU

My other quilts were in my first post. Then I started restoring my old house (still do) and had no comfortable sewing place any more so I switched to smaller items including crazy quilting blocks and lots of (wild) embroidery. I finally finished a quilt that was started years ago and here it is:

Missing Link 2013
It's pieced, machine appliqued and quilted with machine and hand embroidery added plus beads. The disc at the top left side is an item I found in a drawer of my late father's table. Don't know what it was used for but it looks adequate where it sits now, don' you think?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

After all this time

Welcome here!
Since it's been quite a while I did a new quilt I thought of collecting the pictures of those I have finished in one spot. So here we go - whenever I can get a photo of the older ones I'll publish it here. There are various ones - and there are the ones that mean really much to me. To start off with the one I made in 2006 - Self Discovery, the result of a class at QU with Myrna Giesbrecht "Self Expressions".

It's made of batic fabrics. In the first detail pic I quote something that Myrna told us - "Because we have no room for failure, we have no room to begin". Something really true.

Here's the other one after this class "Still trying to figure it out". First my sketch (small original at left and the enlarged version in quilt size right hand)

And here comes the quilt:

As you can see I added a third eye because two were just not enough :-)

Here are two smaller pieces:

about balls

without name